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We are the Leading Gypsum Ceiling & Wall plastering service providers and Contractors. We do Gypsum work with High Quality imported Gypsum Board sheets & Powder We are the Sole suppliers and importers of natural Gypsum Boards. We guarantee 100% quality in any kind of ceiling walls & Partition work with High-end finishing.

UGSI is your best partners when it comes to all matters interior design and especially fabrication of Office Partitions, Containers & Remodeling.

For Gypsum Partitions, Glass Partitions, Iron Partitions or even MDF Board partitions, we will be there with you every step of the way.



Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board is the premium quality moisture-resistant gypsum board specifically produced for humid areas and spaces. Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board is the excellent choice and the ultimate gypsolution for ceilings, partitions and wall-linings in areas prone to high humidity content i.e. bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, kitchen...

Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board is made of high purity 100% natural gypsum and it belongs to material group A1 (non-combustible materials). Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board boards are flexible and lightweight; the ultimate practical way of construction in today’s and tomorrow’s homes, offices and buildings. You can apply all conventional paintings directly on Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board without the need for special preparation. You can also cover the boards with ceramics. Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board can also carry conventional electric and plumbing fixing.


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